I studied Fine Art at a community college and then at the University of Texas  1977-1982.  After working at a slew of jobs - including  grocery night stocker, dance instructor, club DJ, analytical lab tech, and tons more... at the ripe age of 36, I went back to college and graduated in 1997 with an engineering design degree and have designed computer chips for the past 20 years.

Though I'm a defined tech nerd by day,  art  has always remained my hobby and passion.  Then,  six years ago I got heavily into photography, which of course was a natural transition for me  into digital art. (Computer nerd meets Art nerd - a self awareness)

All the artwork you see in my portfolio is my original work, original photography - with model releases - and available  in limited edition prints (limited to 8 each plus 1 artist copy). Mounting on foam board is also available. Contact me for pricing on any piece.

If you are
MODEL looking for portfolio work or just want to make some cool art with me - Let's talk.

(I sometimes do TFP)

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PUBLISHER looking to contract my services for printed publications - Let's talk.

If you are a 
LADY  looking for some sexy boudoir shots for your Valentine - Let's talk.

If you a COLLECTOR looking to buy a LIMITED edition print - Let's talk.

If you are a FAN just looking - Let's talk.

Everyone else - Have a great day!

‚ÄčTerry Newsom - Photography and ART.
Book Illustrator, Boudoir Photography,

Car Art, Digital Artist.
Book Jackets to Model Portfolios....

or just sexy shots for your lover. 
Let's make some art together

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